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More Alpenfest Food Events

Pavilion on Court
Gaylord, MI

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8:00 AM: Alpine Country Breakfast:
Delicious biscuits and gravy. Free for as long as it lasts with your current Alpenfest pin. $5.00 without.

5:30 PM: Ice Cream Social:
Free Banana Splits, while they last, with current Alpenfest pin.
$5.00 without a pin.


8:00 AM: Pfannekuchen und Wuerstchen (Pancake & Sausage):
Free with a current Alpenfest Pin $5.00 without.

5:30 PM: Sauerkraut & Sausage Supper:
Free, while it lasts, with a curren Alpenfest pin. $5.00 without the pin.


3:00 PM: Strudel On The Strasse:
A slice of heaven free while it last with your current Alpenfest Pin.

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