1. DIANA’S DELIGHT -  The beloved breakfast and lunch spot of locals. 989-732-6564.
  2. JAC’S PLACE - Boasting one of Gaylord’s best wine lists, Jac’s Place features world-class cuisine in an upscale, yet relaxed atmosphere. Set atop the hill overlooking Marsh Ridge Golf Course. 989-732-5552.
  3. ALPINE TAVERN & EATERY - Home of the Sport Haus Pub. Offering delicious pizzas and a full menu as  well as TV's and an atmosphere to satisfy all sports enthusiasts. One block south of Main Street. 989-732-5444.
  4. ARLENE’S DINER - Saturday nights in summer, Arlene’s Diner rolls out its famous Polish Platter: a Babcia-worthy serving of golobki, kapusta, kielbasa and pierogi. 989-732-5654.
  5. SUGAR BOWL RESTAURANT - There’s a reason the 1919-founded Sugar Bowl has managed to stick around: its wonderfully whippy, sweet-as-a-summer, homemade ice cream. 989-732-5524.
  6. THE BEARDED DOGG - Perfect for date night or girls night out. Tuck into a private booth or lounge on the Dogg’s patio, a.k.a. The Pound, and bark your orders for saucy signature drinks and unique vittles. Eclectic and fun. 989-619-0298.
  7. MICHAYWÉ INN THE WOODS - Raspberry Chicken—salty, sweet, nutty and doused in cream sauce with a sprinkle of raspberries—serves up a mellow-tart taste that’s pure Michigan. 989-939-8919.
  8. BENNETHUM’S NORTHERN INN - If the spirit of the Northern woods could be blended into a rich, earthy, unbelievably mouthwatering bowl of comfort it would be Bennethum’s wild mushroom bisque. Oh, wait. It is. 989-732-9288.
  9. BIG BEAR DELICATESSEN - at in or get it to-go for your ‘round-the-town adventure. Sandwiches made on homemade breads, gourmet coffee, sliced-to-order meats and cheeses, muffins, scones, pies, cinnamon rolls...simply delectable. 989-731-3354.
  10. PONTRESINA STEAKHOUSE - -Savor the flavors of the Otsego Club’s Pontresina Steakhouse— truly one of northern Michigan’s finest dining experiences. Each dish is a blend of the finest ingredients, imagination and years of award-winning culinary experience. 989-732-5181.