Enjoy a walking history tour in and around the downtown Gaylord area.

Gaylord 30 Car on Display at 319 West Main

Enjoy the fresh air and great history of Gaylord on this self guided walking tour. Featured stops along the way include:

  • Otsego County Historical Museum
  • Mt. Carmel Center
  • Buck House
  • Kramer House
  • Shannon Park
  • Sugar Bowl Restaurant
  • City County Building
  • Historical Markers
  • Cannon on the lawn of the City/County Building
  • Gaylord Car
  • Congregational Church
  • The Old Spud Wharehouse
  • Otsego County Library
  • Gaylord Car Factory

Be sure not to miss the Gaylord Car Factory located on Wisconsin St. The Gaylord Motor Company (GMC) was started in 1910. The car was first assembled in Detroit and returned to Gaylord. It was called the Gaylord Model 30. About 50 cars were produced the first year. In 1911 the company produced a D-S Touring Car and the R-20 Utility roadster. Cars ranged in price from $1,000 - $1,500.  Number 14 on the printable map.  Please note the Gaylord Car is now located at 319 West Main Street.

Another great stop on the tour is Shannon Park, located downtown and dedicated to Claude Shannon, a highly respected scientist whose work in 1936 at MIT received the Nobel Prize of the combined engineering societies of the USA. This work was fundamental to the design of digital computers and integrated circuits. Dr. Shannon went on to develop other important works which had and continues to have, far reaching impacts. Dr. Shannon grew up in Gaylord, and attended the University of Michigan and MIT. He majored in mathematics and electrical engineering. Number 5 on the printable map (below).

For more information on Claude Shannon grab your laptop, relax on a bench downtown and search the internet using the Wireless Hot Spot located throughout the downtown area.