Celebrate the Sweet Stuff

Posted on December 5th, 2017

As if trays of savory, bite size hors d’oeuvres, delectable holiday dips and sherbet topped punches at holiday parties weren’t already enough to derail my attempt at dieting, December is full of recognition days centered on the sweet stuff – I’m talking brownies, cookies, cupcakes and chocolate covered anything (yes, that literally has its own day!).  So, to put your sweet tooth into overdrive, here are a few of my favorite places to pay tribute to sugary snacks in Gaylord, Michigan:

Seams Like New

You may be thinking, “isn’t Seams Like New a consignment store?”  It is, and so much more!  This eclectic Main Street shop has a fun vibe, swinging chairs, trendy consignment clothing, nifty gifties and some of the most delicious morsels you will ever encounter!  Their cupcakes, made by Kim Brown of Strictly Sweets, range from classic lemon and vanilla to (my personal favorite) white chocolate raspberry.  After indulging on a few of these pleasing confections, you’ll be thankful for the full selection of hot and cold beverages available.  

Sugar Me Sweet

Wander outside and you’ll find yourself following your nose just a few doors down to Sugar Me Sweet, Gaylord’s premier cake shop!    The creative and culinary skills of baker, Lori Kirk, are apparent as you walk through the door and are greeted by an array of custom made cakes with unique, eye catching designs.  The good news is you don’t have to plan ahead to indulge yourself with one of Lori’s decadent creations.  Freshly baked cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other tasty treats to go are available for sale.  And don’t worry…if a cupcake just isn’t enough, you can walk out the door with a 6″ mini cake. 

Alpine Chocolat Haus

As you wind down on your quest for the ultimate sugary goodness, you’ll want to make one final stop at Gaylord’s famous Alpine Chocolat Haus.  Remember me mentioning National Chocolate Covered Anything Day?  This is where you will want to celebrate!  Our local chocolatmeister, Bruce Brown, has been covering everything in chocolate since opening his first store in 1985.  Among his infamous chocolate covered potato chips and caramel corn, you will find a rare chocolate wrapped treat – the gummy bear.  I was apprehensive at first, but anything covered in chocolate at least deserves a chance.  The fruity center (so different from a jelly candy!) and chocolaty shell mingled together, creating a tango for my taste buds!  Browse their extensive candy collection and be sure to ask if they are trying out anything new.

If sampling the many sweets Gaylord has to offer leaves you craving some protein in your diet, don’t despair.  December 30th is National Bacon Day, which will balance everything out nicely. 

By Christy Walcott


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