Give Winter a Break

Posted on February 27th, 2022

Your friends in Gaylord, Michigan, are here to bring you a simple reminder – it’s not springtime yet!  We know once March rolls around people start getting anxious for the snow to melt and the trees to bud.  But why rush winter on its way?  We still have a few more weeks to enjoy the white stuff with some awesome added benefits at this point in the year! 

The sun shines more and is out longer…

Hooray for lingering, sun-kissed winter days!  Every winter activity you’ve been enjoying for the past few months is even better when the sun gets involved, and we’ll be seeing more and more of it. Shed a few of those extra layers and let the sun shine on your back as you snowshoe or cross country ski along one of our scenic trails.  Temperatures should start gradually warming up as well, which is another added bonus.

It is picture perfect outside…

Even if you’re ready for chirping birds and warm rain showers, there’s no denying it is simply beautiful outside during winter.  Capture the snow-draped, sweeping landscape from far away or slide over to the macro setting and zoom in on snowflakes.  With scenery this striking, you’ll want to grab your family, friends, pets, ANYONE who you would like to create memories with and snap away.

It’s less crowded now…

Camaraderie is fantastic, but most of us would agree that traveling during peak season is not always at the top of our list.  Hitting the slopes with your closest friends and family at this point in the winter means shorter lines, less people photobombing your selfies and a little more personal time with those you choose to spend your up north getaway with. 

All good things must come to an end…

While some are dreaming of lazy days in a hammock with a cool iced tea in their hand, us winter lovers are feeling the pressure to get in one more loop on our fat tire bike or reel in one more fish from our shanty. There’s both anticipation and sadness when one season changes to the next.  Although our winters are long, they are filled with unique activities and events we can’t participate in at any other point in the year. 

Mother Nature calls her own shots…

You may or may not agree with our logic, but we have one final point to make – you can’t change the weather.  If winter wants to stay and play a little longer…let’s make the best of it!  Grab your favorite sweatshirt and hat with a fuzzy ball on top (you know you look great in it and certainly can’t wear it in the summer), go outside and throw a snowball, build a snowman, ski, snowshoe or tear it up on a snowmobile

Even summer people have to admit, there is at least ONE THING they enjoy about our winter wonderland.  And if you still can’t think of anything, at least take a selfie in front of our famous ice tree to prove you went outside. 




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