Mighty Appetizing

Posted on April 5th, 2018

Ahhh…the appetizer.  Your pre-meal snack that sometimes fills you up so you can barely fit in your entrée.  What would dinner be without an appetizer?  Probably a few hundred calories less, but not nearly as satisfying! 

Appetizers come in a multitude of shapes and flavors, from leafy green salads and piping hot soups to heaping plates of nachos and sliders in every variety of meat and vegetable known to man.  I took it upon myself to research the most scrumptious appetizers found in the Alpine Village and share my findings with the world.  You can thank me later.

1 Bruschetta from Porter Haus

I could order nothing but the bite-sized bruschetta from Porter Haus and feel completely satisfied!   Ok, it’s meant to be a starter, but it’s just that good.  Rich and savory with melted mozzarella and succulent tomatoes topping a grilled slice of French bread…a mouthwatering masterpiece!  Ask for a little extra balsamic glaze because everything is better saucy!

2 White Chicken Chili from Alpine Tavern

Take a bite and you’ll agree Alpine Tavern has the best white chicken chili in town!  It’s robust and creamy, just spicy enough to keep your taste buds poppin’ and the colorful shredded tortilla strips garnishing the top give it the perfect amount of crunch.  Whether it’s your starter or your meal, forego the cup and devour a bowl.


3 Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Tap Room 32

It’s not all about microbrews and glitzy cocktails; if you haven’t dined at Tap Room 32, you are in for a flavorful revelation!  With a menu ranging from classic burgers to your favorite sushi rolls, it’s no surprise that their tantalizing small plates will leave you craving more.  Forged with sweet yet spicy chicken and an assortment of Asian-style veggies, these light lettuce wraps are the perfect alternative to the traditional starter salad. 

4 Loaded Nachos from The Blind Squirrel

Some of the best appetizers turn out to be so much more…an entire meal, in fact.  Unless you’re sharing (which I don’t recommend!), the Loaded Nachos from The Blind Squirrel are an entrée in disguise.  I suggest going all in and piling them high with fresh veggies, cheddar jack cheese, seasoned chicken and a side of chunky garden salsa.  You’ll crunch your way through the homemade tortilla chips in no time. 

And there you have it…four of the finest first courses known to Gaylord.  Did I mention these are just my favorites from the past month or so?  With an ever-growing selection of restaurants featuring cuisine options from traditional to gourmet to eclectic, it’s best to sample a nibble from each one. 

Enjoy your meal…if you still have room for it! 

By Christy Walcott


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