4 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

The ball drops. Fireworks explode against the now-January night sky. This is it, the moment everyone shouts “Happy New Year” and reaches for a midnight smooch from someone nearby. But all you can think is “it’s here…the diet I said I would start after the holidays.”

The ever-popular New Year’s Resolution to be healthier and lose weight plagues many people on January 1st each year. Before you give up all hope and reach for the Oreos, just remember there are some fun ways to burn calories, especially in the winter paradise of Gaylord, Michigan!

The internet is full of activity/calorie calculators, but here are some estimates to keep in mind when planning your next winter workout day:

1. Downhill Skiing – You can look forward to burning approximately 340 calories an hour while you schuss down one of the fantastic runs at Otsego Resort or Treetops Resort. If you have the need for speed, express trips down the slope can result in a loss of just over 450 calories. The best part is if you decide to head inside for a quick warm up, hot cocoa will cost you only 200 of those calories you just burned off.

2. Cross Country Skiing – Nordic skiing at a moderate pace for one hour equals 476 calories, the equivalent of one Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks. With an array of scenic and enticing groomed trails to choose from, you’ll be much happier gliding through the forest than downing empty calories in your 10-minute drive to work. Treat yourself to something truly special and try out Michaywe’s lit trails after the sun goes down.

3. Snowshoeing – Burn away another 476 calories snowshoeing through our snow-draped, silent forests.  Aspen Park is a popular meeting spot for sunset snowshoe hikes any day of the week.  With lit trails and one of the loveliest northern Michigan landscapes you will find, you certainly won’t feel burdened keeping your New Year’s resolution.

4. Snowmobiling – Believe it or not, snowmobiling for one hour burns approximately 170 calories! You may not “feel the burn” while you sail along the trail on your sled, but your muscles are still working overtime. With Gaylord located smack dab in the middle of a snowmobile trail network that runs more than 500 miles across eight counties, your opportunities for this most enjoyable exercise are endless!

While most New Year’s resolutions only survive a few months, an invigorating outdoor hobby can last a lifetime. Get outside and enjoy what our All Outdoors winter community has to offer!