Gaylord Resorts Offer More Than Downhill Adventures

It goes without saying that Gaylord, Michigan’s two premier resorts offer up some of the finest northern Michigan downhill skiing and snowboarding you’ll find. But what else is happening at Treetops Resort and Otsego Resort? Whether you’re an Alpine skier looking for a fix or winter lover with wobbly legs, you’ll find some of the best winter All Outdoors adventures at these unique resort destinations!

Downhill Skiing
It would be a shame not to give kudos where they are deserved most, and in this case, that means on the slopes! Built into the stunning Pigeon River Valley and Sturgeon River Valley, our local resorts offer everything from gentle beginner slopes to challenging downhill runs. Lessons, rentals, gear and everything you need is conveniently on-site, too. 

Remember those wobbly legs we mentioned before? Not everyone has the balance of a downhill skier, nor the desire to learn.  Some of us like the thrill of rocketing downhill from a lower vantage point – and that’s where tubing runs come in.  Plop down, settle in, get comfy…but not for long!  You’ll be whisked down the hill at an exhilarating speed with the biggest grin you’ve ever worn plastered to your face!  The best part?  You don’t have to waste your precious activity time walking back up the hill and return via tow rope so you can do it all over again.

Snowshoeing & Cross-Country Skiing with a Twist
Yes, you can rent snowshoes or cross-country skis at Treetops Resort or Otsego Resort and lose yourself in the surrounding acres of densely forested wilderness with sweeping valley views. Or, you can strap them on, take guided tours and maybe even indulge in food and beverage stations! Outdoor recreation has taken a great twist over the past few years and events such as the Winter Wine Walk and guided snowshoe hikes have now become staple winter activities. Grab your friends or make new friends along the way.

Too Many Cool Extras to List!
What else might you find when visiting Gaylord’s winter-centric resorts? There’s no telling. Otsego Resort has been known to host the Beaver Dam Olympics and Craft Brew Cruises. Treetops is known for their unique dog sled rides and wilderness sleigh rides. And both resorts have dabbled with moonlit snowshoe hikes if you haven’t had enough once the sun goes down. Keep an eye on our events calendar for all the details. 

We’ve made winter planning a breeze with so many activities to choose from! Schedule your faves, then decide if you’ll be resting slope-side at the end of the day or heading into our Alpine Village where shopping, dining and lodging options ranging from simple comfort to ultimate relaxation await you. We’ve got your winter wonderland and more in Gaylord, Michigan