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Claude Shannon Park



126 Main Street
Gaylord, MI 49735


Claude Elwood Shannon is considered as the founding father of the electronic communications age. He is an American mathematical engineer, whose work on technical and engineering problems within the communications industry, laid the groundwork for both the computer industry and telecommunications.

Claude Shannon was born in Gaylord, Michigan, on April 30, 1916. Shannon’s father, Claude, was a judge in Gaylord. His mother, Mabel, was the principal of our high school. Even though there wasn’t much scientific influence from Shannon’s father, most of it came from his grandfather. Shannon’s grandfather was an inventor and a farmer. He invented the washing machine along with many other farm machinery.
Claude Shannon park is located on Main Street in downtown Gaylord.

“I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I’m rooting for the machines.” – Claude Shannon

“I just wondered how things were put together.”  – Claude Shannon


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