2022’s Top 20 Instagram Photos

We’re well into the new year and have our sights set on the future now. Before we get too far into our 2023 to-do list, let’s take a recap of what made 2022 stand out in Gaylord, Michigan! We’ve put together YOUR favorite photos from our Instagram page for a quick stroll down memory lane.


Our ice tree can’t get much more glorious than this! This shot was taken on a sunny February day where everything just lined up perfectly.


Warm fall days at the Louis M. Groen Nature Preserve are one of our favorite things about fall! This photo was also a favorite for 84 of our followers.


Photo Credit: Jhmossman87

It’s no surprise to see this peaceful black and white loon from Jhmossman87 make our top 20 list. Gaylord, Michigan is alive with wildlife!


Woo hoo! These are the summer days we live for on Otsego Lake!


The ice tree is the ultimate selfie background. We love watching it change and grow throughout the season.


You can almost smell the flowers and feel the warmth of a downtown summer day in this shot of our Alpine Village.


A unique attraction for our community each year, the Otsego Lake Fly In is always a hit!


Once again, everyone loves the ice tree! In fact 105 people took the time to love it on February 1, 2022.


This one surprised us a little…but the numbers don’t lie! Winter lovers were ecstatic to see the forecast for SNOW SNOW SNOW!


A little nature, a little history and a little slice of our quaint Alpine Village came together to create our #11 most loved Instagram photo.


You’ll find snow many fun things to do in Gaylord in the winter! Animal and winter lovers gave this gem our #10 spot.


There’s nothing like a blue bird sky to really set off our iconic ice tree.


It’s the ice tree again! Whether set against a blue sky or standing up to a blizzard, this downtown monument definitely catches your eye.


What would the holidays be without snowy sidewalks and a little glitter falling from the sky?


The return of Gaylord’s Santa Parade left smiles on the faces of many – young and old alike! We love it when Santa Claus comes to our town!


The ice tree had a strong start last year, growing quite a bit before snow even covered all the ground.


This snapshot shows us what you REALLY wanted on December 20, 2022. – MORE SNOW!


We all saw our community come together after the tornado in May, and this graphic represented just how “Gaylord Strong” we truly are.


This could be from the pages of a magazine…but it was actually taken through the living room window of our Executive Director, Paul Beachnau.


How could we choose between these two photos taken on October 25, 2022? A warm October sunrise greeted everyone starting their day in Gaylord, Michigan. 367 people were inspired by our #1 Instagram post.