National Bike Month

Being active and healthy is a top priority for most people, and what better way to get your exercise than by celebrating National Bike Month in May? How, one might ask, should you go about celebrating this special time? Go ride a bike, of course! 

For avid cyclists, this is yesterday’s news. They’ve been out on the pavement and single tracks since before the last snow melted. For those of us struggling to take that inaugural ride, or even those who haven’t ridden in years, let’s use National Bike Month as a launching point to once again embrace this favorite pastime! 

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Biking is an excellent outdoor activity for people of all ages. Whether you ride as a family or prefer pedaling solo, you’ll appreciate the instant burst of energy, taking in the fresh, green scenery and feeling of accomplishment once you return home. Don’t forget about the big picture, too – whether you’re riding for fitness, family fun or even transportation, you’re supporting the movement for safer streets and a healthier planet. 

If biking is second nature to you, skip the rest and have an awesome day outdoors! Newbies, here are some tips you may find helpful for your first peddling adventure of the season:

Give your bike a quick tune-up

If you haven’t ridden in a while, take the time to make adjustments to your handlebars and seat. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re less likely to take another stab at this, so a little early maintenance will go a long way. Also, be sure to check the air in your tires and take a quick run through your gears.

Accessories don’t need to be extravagant

You don’t have to be on the cutting edge of fashion or have all the brightest and best gadgets to enjoy biking. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing. If you plan on taking your phone or might need to refuel with some snacks, a well-fitted backpack will work wonders. Water bottle holders are inexpensive and can easily be attached to most bikes if you’ll be out for more than a quick cruise around the block.

Wear a helmet

Invest in a comfortable, quality helmet. This can be purchased at a bike shop or most general retail stores. The majority of cyclists are diligent about wearing helmets, so take note of the regulars and join in.

Don’t overdo it the first time

You’re excited. You’re confident. You’re ready to explore on your trusty bike! But then you venture too far down that trail or decide to go “one more block” for the fifth time…and now you’re stuck pedaling all the way back. It’s easy to keep going when you’re having fun, but try to set a realistic goal and don’t let your first ride turn into your last because you can’t move your legs the next day. Give your body time to adjust to this new sport and you can always tack on “one more block” next time.

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Enjoy your favorite trail or stretch of scenic road safely during National Bike Month and for many months to come! And don’t worry if you’ve taken a little break from this activity over the years – picking it back up is as easy as riding a bike