Top 5 Scenic Fall Vistas in the Gaylord Area

As autumn approaches each year, you can’t help but feel excited seeing the first leaves meld from their usual green state to varying shades of red, orange and gold. It’s those peek-a-boo moments through the lush greenery and the sudden crisp air filling your lungs that truly signal the beginning of fall. 

When October finally rolls around, the landscape transforms into an intricate mosaic of colors. Northern Michigan is in its glory during this season…there’s no way around it.

Gaylord is simply stunning this time of the year, and it doesn’t matter which direction you take. Paddle a kayak along one of our glassy shorelines, hike or bike any trail of your choice or just turn down a dirt road and explore…you will not be disappointed.

We all have our favorite places and we’re happy to share our top 5 scenic fall vistas with you:

The Pigeon River Valley and Sturgeon River Valley:

Technically, yes, these are two different locations. But our point is simple – VALLEYS MAKE FOR STUNNING VIEWS!  Visit Treetops Resort or Otsego Resort for two of the most breathtaking views in our county.  

The Gaylord Golf Mecca:

The Gaylord Golf Mecca encompasses 17 different locations, but who’s counting? Even without taking up the sport, you can have one of the most enjoyable fall days ever riding from hole to hole during peak color season. This is a no-brainer for golfers, but why not give it a shot, take your camera and don’t worry about it if you can’t hit the ball?  

Inland Lakes and Rivers:

While you may not want to take a swim during peak color season, our waterways are still filled with activity. Paddle the glassy shorelines of our birch and maple-lined lakes or rent a raft and tour the rushing waters of the Sturgeon River. Outfitters are available for rentals or you can venture out with your own gear.

Aspen Park:

This 100 acre park just minutes from downtown may not have the sweeping views of a lush valley, but you’ll love being encompassed in colors from every angle. As an added bonus, Aspen Park is lit after dark, so don’t hesitate to head out for a sunset stroll. 

Deadman’s Hill Overlook:

The crown jewel of our area is undoubtedly Deadman’s Hill.  This overlook is a stunner in every season, but autumn gets full bragging rights. An easy walk uphill from the parking area will treat you to views of the Jordan River Valley you will remember for a lifetime. 

Wherever you happen to end up in the Gaylord area, just take a few minutes to survey the beauty around you. This canopy of crimson and amber will only be here to dazzle you for a short time.