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Discover Otsego County’s Five Fabulous Rivers

May 24, 2024 / Val Wright

Many counties are lucky to have one river flowing through their area, but here in Otsego County, we hit the jackpot with not one, not two, but five stunning rivers! Let’s take a dive into each of these waterways and explore why they’re the heart and soul of our beautiful region. MORE

National Bike Month

Apr 29, 2024 / maddendev

Being active and healthy is a top priority for most people, and what better way to get your exercise than by celebrating National Bike Month in May? How, one might ask, should you go about celebrating this special time? Go ride a bike, of course!  For avid cyclists, this is yesterday’s news. They’ve been out on the pavement and single tracks since before the last snow melted. For those of us struggling to take that inaugural ride, or even those who haven’t ridden in years, let’s use National Bike Month as a launching point to once again embrace this favorite pastime!  See Gaylord, MI Trails Here Biking is an excellent outdoor activity for people of all ages. Whether you ride as a family or prefer pedaling solo, you’ll appreciate the instant burst of energy, taking in the fresh, green scenery and feeling of accomplishment once you return home. Don’t forget about the big picture, too – whether you’re riding for fitness, family fun or even transportation, you’re supporting the movement for safer streets and a healthier planet.  If biking is second nature to you, skip the rest and have an awesome day outdoors! Newbies, here are some tips you may find helpful for your first peddling adventure of the season: Give your bike a quick tune-up If you haven’t ridden in a while, take the time to make adjustments to your handlebars and seat. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re less likely to take another stab at this, so a little early maintenance will go a long way. Also, be sure to check the air in your tires and take a quick run through your gears. MORE

Spring Critters Checklist

Apr 04, 2024 / maddendev

By Christy Walcott There’s no denying it’s spring in Gaylord, Michigan! After a mild winter, we're now basking in longer days and warmer weather. To say we’re fortunate would be an understatement, given our desire to simply sit outside in our own backyards or wander along quiet pathways in the towering forests surrounding us. MORE

Gear Up For Spring

Mar 08, 2024 / maddendev

Spring weather can be fickle. When that sunny 60 degree day hits, you want to be ready to get out and start exploring! While you’re waiting for the weather to cooperate, why not spruce things up so you’re ready for those awesome spring and summer adventures in Gaylord, Michigan heading your way?  Now is the time to run through the gears on your bike and dust the cobwebs from your kayak if you haven’t already. But what about your less-frequently-used outdoor accessories and those little extras you just can’t go outside without? No one likes to give up even one second of a sunny day looking for something, so we’ve put together a blog to help you get your gear ready. MORE

Morel Mushrooms: The Fickle Fungus and How To Find It

/ maddendev

Morels are often described as the “steak” of the mushroom world, a delicacy hidden among last autumn’s remaining dried leaves and the bright green mossy cover of early spring. While mouthwateringly delicious, this most sought after tidbit can be difficult to find, to say the least.  We have some helpful hints for those wishing to seek out this coveted treat, and believe me, you’ll need them! Mushroom picking spots are nearly sacred in our neck of the woods and no one is about to give up their GPS coordinates and risk missing out on one savory morsel!  Where:  Look in sandy soil, near tall trees—typically elm, ash and poplar trees, sometimes fruit trees (old orchards are awesome), and sometimes under pines. The Pigeon River Country State Forest is prime hunting ground for morel seekers. This Pigeon River Map will help you find your way around our favorite stretch of wilderness.     When:  Head out about six weeks after the snow has melted. Morels like things warm and moist (not soggy), so a day following a spring rain improves your odds. MORE

Pet-Friendly Guide to Gaylord, Michigan

/ maddendev

Ready to have a pawesome adventure with your four-legged friend?  Pack your bags and head to Gaylord, Michigan to enjoy the dog days of summer! Where to Rest Your Paws Campgrounds are always a great place to stay with your furry friends, but if your dog is used to the more pampered life, many of our local lodging properties are pet-friendly.  Whether Fido is used to resort life, looking for a lakeside cabin or happy anywhere he can rest his paws, you’ll have lots of options when you visit Gaylord. MORE

5 Things to Know About Fishing in Otsego County

/ maddendev

Out See Go - By Chris Engle, contributor - Take a few blind steps within Otsego County and you’re bound to get a wet foot. With dozens of public lakes and the headwaters of five major trout streams, there’s no shortage of water to explore as an angler — whether that’s by boat, canoe, kayak, wading or walking. MORE

5 Ways to Enjoy the Water in Gaylord, Michigan

/ maddendev

Water wonderland is an understatement. How do you refer to an All Outdoors paradise bursting with over 90 inland lakes and the headwaters of 5 rivers? Simply stated, it’s Gaylord, Michigan. How you choose to spend your sun-drenched days in the land of lakes and rivers is up to you. The Gaylord area offers a sampling of everything water lovers are hungry for – boating, kayaking, fishing, lazing on the beach and even floating down the river. With convenient outfitters offering up everything you’ll need to get your toes or line wet, enjoying our H2O couldn’t get any easier. MORE

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