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4 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Dec 22, 2023 / maddendev

The ball drops. Fireworks explode against the now-January night sky. This is it, the moment everyone shouts “Happy New Year” and reaches for a midnight smooch from someone nearby. But all you can think is “it’s here…the diet I said I would start after the holidays.” The ever-popular New Year’s Resolution to be healthier and lose weight plagues many people on January 1st each year. MORE

The Illustrious Ice Tree of Gaylord, MI

/ Christy Walcott

If you’ve ever wintered in Gaylord, Michigan, surely you’ve marveled at our favorite frosty attraction – the Ice Tree. Is it really the world’s largest, as the sign adorning it boasts? And how did this downtown landmark come to be in the first place? MORE

Flurry of Events

/ maddendev

Whether your idea of the perfect winter day starts with groomed stretches of snowmobile trails, cross-country ski tracks or the downhill slopes, there’s no denying Gaylord, Michigan is your winter hotspot! Along with outdoor recreation and resorts that can’t be beat, we plan on making this the most eventful winter you’ve seen in a long time! MORE

Why You Need to Go Winter Rafting When Visiting Gaylord, Michigan

/ maddendev

Before you shake your head and say “no way!” to winter rafting, let’s clear one thing up from the get-go: NO, YOU WILL NOT GET WET! This is a guided trip with experienced professionals calling the shots. If you’ve ever been spilled out of your kayak or canoe into the brisk waters of the Sturgeon River, we can understand your hesitation. MORE

7 Unexpected Reasons to Visit Gaylord, Michigan

Feb 16, 2022 / maddendev

Is it time to start planning your next Michigan vacation?  In a state overflowing with sparkling lakes, clear rivers, untamed wilderness, an assortment of themed festivals, unique attractions and unending charm around every turn, choosing just one location can be a daunting task.  We’re here to help you narrow down your search.  Set your compass for Gaylord, Michigan and find everything you’ve been looking for! Plan your next trip with our free Visitor’s Guide If you’ve done your research, then you already know a little about us.  Sitting smack dab on the 45th parallel, Gaylord is (quite lovingly and literally) the heart of the northern Lower Peninsula.  Easy access off I-75 makes getting here a pinch, and once you’ve arrived, we’re quite sure you’ll never want to leave.  An outdoor lover’s paradise, our four seasons each offer distinct recreational opportunities for visitors of any age, ability and thrill-seeking level!  The best part?  While we exude the rustic up north charm you’ve been searching for, our community is filled with all the comforts you desire – shopping, restaurants, spas and resorts. MORE

Your Winter To-Do List

Dec 31, 2018 / maddendev

By Christy Walcott I used to hibernate on the couch under a blanket all winter, but in recent years, I’ve had the yearning to get out and find a way to embrace this snow-covered landscape I call home.  One of the biggest drawbacks to me has always been the fear of being COLD.  Ick. No one likes that.  Just a few updates to my wardrobe have already solved that problem and nothing was “high-end” or expensive by any means (remember what your mother always said about wearing a hat?  It’s true.).   So as a newbie to finding joy in our winter wonderland, this is my to-do list for winter 2019: Sleigh Rides We all grew up dreaming of “dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh…”  It sounds magical and you can almost picture reaching out and touching the snow-draped pines as you pass through the wooded landscape.  But if you’re afraid of being cold, then you’ve avoided this childhood fantasy and left it dashing through the back of your mind all this time.  This is the winter to bundle up and finally experience a sleigh ride firsthand.  Choose from Cook Family Farms or Treetops Resort (where you can even add on a gourmet dinner!).  For a quick sample, try a horse-drawn carriage ride right downtown during Alpenfrost.  Cuddle up on a starlit sleigh ride. MORE

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